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5ft Sequoia Wall Christmas Tree (1.52m)

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5ft Sequoia Wall Christmas Tree (1.52m)

This model mounts flat against the wall and can be displayed either way up. 
Foliage can be opened or left flat for differing looks. 
Branches are attached to a central pole and can be pulled open to for tree shape.

Looks good when mounted high up on a wall, on a large door or column.  
Ideal for store, club, hotel and shopping centres.   

Made with a very plush, soft needle 6.5cm wide round tips.  


Colour: Dark Green

Height: 1.52m

Layers: 7

Branches: 33

Tips: 467

Style: One Piece

Foliage: 6.5cm wide round tips

Space required: 76cm


5 year warranty

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