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Slim Line Christmas Trees

The slimline Christmas tree is a more modern concept with the advent of smaller living spaces. The beauty of a slimline Christmas tree is that it is a perfect fit for a narrow space with the diameter of the base having been designed and tailor made for all smaller spaces. 

At Father Christmas we have a variety of slim Christmas tree sizes to choose from and we cater for all areas and heights. The slimline trees have such lush foliage and the fullness of branches that creates a perfect Christmas tree for the family that will soon have you forgetting it is a slimline version. 

Add some LED Christmas lights and some beautiful decorations to complete your Christmas display.


New Hampshire Cone Tree 1.83m


Pencil Pine 3.05m


Slim Vienna Spruce Hinged 2.13m


Slim Vienna Spruce Hinged 2.44m


Pencil Pine 1.37m


Slim Vienna Spruce 1.52m


Pencil Pine 1.83m

$310.00 $278.00

Pencil Pine 1.83m Hinged


Pencil Pine 1.83m Pre-Lit-432 LED Lights


Pencil Pine 2.13m White


Slim Vienna Spruce 2.13m


Slim Vienna Spruce 2.13m Black


Virginia Pine 2.13m Slim Hard Needle


Pencil Pine 2.28m

$499.00 $450.00

Pencil Pine 2.28m Hinged


Pencil Pine 2.28m Pre-lit 432 LED Lights


Slim Glendale Pine 2.13m


Slim Vienna Spruce 2.74m


Slim Vienna Spruce Hinged 2.74m


Pencil Pine 3.66m