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10ft Slim Vienna Spruce Hinged Christmas Tree (3.05m)

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10ft Slim Vienna Spruce 2.74m Christmas Tree

Based on the most loved tree in our range (The Vienna Spruce) in a slimmer  A” shape design with the wire at the end of the tips-foliage recessed so it is not visible

Our Slim Vienna offers soft tufted tips, perfect to the touch and safe for the children

Made with 8cm wide tips-foliage this design gives the tree a very natural appearance


  • Height: 3.05m (10ft)
  • Base width: 140cm
  • Colour: Hunter Green (slightly lighter than our dark green)
  • Layers: 13
  • Branches: 104
  • Tips: 1,951
  • Style: Branches close to the floor
  • Branch Type: Hinged (2 sections + tree top
  • Foliage: 8cm soft needles (foliage)
  • Stand: Metal Stand
  • Warranty: 10 Year warranty card included
  • Storage: 2 strong cardboard cartons to store your tree for the next season


10 Year Warranty

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