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Hinged Christmas Trees

The hinged Christmas trees are specifically designed with the branches welded to the centre pole of the tree for easy assembly/erection of the Christmas tree. This saves you time having to sort all the branches into their colours to ascertain where they fit onto the tree.
Depending on the tree size the hinged Christmas tree can be one or several sections that fit together. The sections can then be separated for more compact storage.

The hinged trees are manufactured with a sturdy steel collar where the branches are attached to the tree giving you the confidence that the weight of your Christmas lights and decorations will not damage the tree.


Spiral Pine 2.28m Hinged

$310.00 $278.00

Pencil Pine 1.83m Hinged


Pencil Pine 1.83m Pre-Lit-432 LED Lights


Scandia Spruce 2.13m Hinged Dark Green


Scandia Spruce 2.13m Hinged Pre-lit 432 Led Lights


Sierra Nevada Pine 2.13m Hinged

$499.00 $450.00

Pencil Pine 2.28m Hinged


Pencil Pine 2.28m Pre-lit 432 LED Lights