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Spiral Pine 2.28m Hinged

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A unique and different eye-catching design.

The Hinged Spiral Pine looks like you have trimmed a Pine tree to create a character display, with a small

area needed and an impressive design our spiral tree will fit into any home with a flair for the unusual.

With 2½" tips and thick layers of tips and branches in each spiral section this Christmas tree will bring fun and

entertainment for the whole family

Branches are hinged and off the the floor.


Available in one size only 7½ft (2.28m)

Colour: Dark Green



Product Code     Name     Height     Floor Space Required     Tips     Layers      Branch Type    
MHISPD-75-04DLX Spiral Pine     228cm (7.5ft)     104cm  (41") 1113 17 Hinged
10 Year Warranty

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