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5ft Ponderosa Pine Christmas Tree (1.52m)

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Ponderosa Pine 1.52m Christmas Tree


This special tree combines PE and PVC hard and soft tips for an extra full and realistic look.
Thick, hard 14cm PVC needle  tips (which are a lighter shade of green on the outside ends) and soft needle 6cm 2 ply round end tips with 4cm and semi round end tips.
The combination of darker green and lighter green tips makes this pine one of the most realistic trees produced.



Height: 1.52m (5ft)
Base width: 115cm
Colour: Dark Green / lighter green tips
Branch Type: Hook on
Tips: 357
Layers: 3
Branches: 19
Style: Branches reach close to the floor

Foliage: 14cm hard needles-foliage + 6cm and 4cm soft needles-foliage
Stand: Sturdy metal
Warranty: 10 year warranty card

Assembly: Assembly instructions, a branch colour indication chart for positioning on the pole and a picture of the fully completed tree.

Storage: All trees come complete with a strong cardboard box for storage,
10 Years Warranty

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