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Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer

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Expected release date is 1st Sep 2021

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Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer

Poly-resin Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer, a complete scene where there is no more to do in your Christmas display, Santa in sleigh with reindeer. Definately great to have at an event or Christmas party as the kids and adults will enjoy the Christmas cheer that comes from this beautiful poly-resin products. Very popular for shopping centres where plenty of photos are taken for memories. Large Christmas decor at its best very long and fills a large area of your Christmas display.

The Poly-resin Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer is hand crafted from Fibreglass/Resin which enables a hard durable product, the resin statue will last for many years.

Products may differ slightly as they are hand crafted.

Poly-resin Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer

Coloured - Red, Black, Green, White/Cream

Reindeer for Sleigh Jumbo

Length - 122cm    Width - 66cm     Height - 169cm     Weight - 20kg

Jumbo Sleigh

Length - 150cm    Width - 95cm     Height - 101cm     Weight - 52kg

Santa for Sleigh Jumbo

Length - 76cm    Width - 58cm     Height - 124cm     Weight - 15kg


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