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Polyresin Nativity- 4 Piece Set

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Please contact us by Phone: 1300455298 or Email: info@fatherchristmas.net.au for a shipping quote.

Poly-resin Nativity- 4 Piece Set

The Poly-resin Nativity sold as a set, can be situated in your Christmas barn.

Dress the barn with some hay and straw to enhance the best Christmas nativity scene. Don't dream it - Theme it

The Poly-resin set is individually hand crafted from Fibreglass/Resin which enables a hard durable product, the resin statue will last for many years.

Products may differ slightly as they are hand crafted. Sizes of Poly-resin are listed below individually.

The Poly-resin Saint Joseph 

Colour - Green, Purple, Brown, Cream

Length - 46cm

Width - 33cm

Height - 66

Weight - 9kg

The Poly-resin Nativity Mother Mary

Colour - Light Blue, Cream, Green, Brown

Length - 44cm

Width - 31cm

Height - 64cm

Weight - 9kg

The Poly-resin Nativity Baby Jesus in a cradle

Colour - Cream, Brown, Red, Gold

Length - 44cm

Width - 53cm

Height - 45cm

Weight - 10kg

The Poly-resin Nativity Angel

Colour - Cream, Red, Gold

Length - 59cm

Width - 16cm

Height - 65cm

Weight - 3kg



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