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6ft American Cashmere Christmas Tree (1.83m)

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6ft American Cashmere Christmas Tree 1.83m

American by design, world class by nature. This Triumph Christmas tree has feature tips with the fine, fluffy texture of Cashmere and a plush full look. 

A unique designed Artificial Christmas tree with soft fluffy (Cashmere) feature tips on each branch. Then add hard and soft pine needles together with a smaller new growth green arrow tip to each branch to create a plush, full, spectacular tree.


Height: 1.83m (6ft)

Base width:124cm

Colour: Green/Light Green

Layers: 7

Branches: 48

Tips: 908

Style: Branches close to the floor

Branch Type: Hinged (2 sections + top)

Foliage: 11½cm soft cashmere needles, 8cm hard pine needles and 5cm soft arrow tips

Stand: Metal Stand

Warranty: 10 Year warranty card included

Carton: Strong cardboard carton to store your tree for the next season

Also available in 5ft (1.52m)7ft (2.13cm) 

Need more room at the base of your tree? add an extension pole to make your tree grow taller by 15cm (6")


10 Year Warranty

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