Paramount Spruce Tree Indoor 8m

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We introduce the most advanced design and construction of a Christmas tree that offers safety with size (and natural appearance) to cater to every requirement The Paramount Spruce can be built in the following sizes: 6m (19½ft), 8m (26¼ft), 10m (33¾ft) and 12m (39¼ft) As we manufacture only to order, we can offer both an INDOOR or OUTDOOR design. The tree can be pre-lit with LED lights supplied by us and professionally attached to the tree at the factory, or unlit. The outdoor frame can be made with 2 different safety frames:- (A) With surface bolt provisions and guy wire extensions to secure the tree to the surface. (B) With additional base frame "OCB" (Outdoor Cross Base) which will need to have sandbags or cement blocks added on top of the "OCB" legs to the required weight, to satisfy the wind-loading requirements in your area. The entire tree can be dismantled and packed into a number of wooden crates and cartons for storage.           Lit Paramount            Assembling Frame   Hanging Panels         Back View of Panel     ADVANTAGES OF OUR PARAMOUNT SPRUCE DESIGN: -   *The panels (see below picture) have hinged branches, which allows you to decorate on the ground and then lift the panel up to install onto the frame. *Total assembly of the tree can be accomplished within a few hours (depending on the size of the tree and the available labour), and we supply you with a detailed assembly CD to assist you. *As the frame is strong enough to support a normal persons weight, the frame can be climbed on during assembly and built  entirely by hand with the use of a safety harness if scaffold, hoist or cherry - picker is not available. *If the tree is PRELIT the need and cost for a large number of decorations for the tree, is reduced. *The light strings for the pre-lit versions are designed especially for this tree, and are professionally tied into the branches  to achieve an impressive, even and sparkling lighting effect. *A pre-lit tree offers great labour-saving, as the lights remain on the branches after the season and are packed away ready for the next season. *We use the latest, low voltage LED caped rainproof non replaceable lights "eco-friendly" with one transformer for every 4 panels, thus the number power outlets and power required is reduced. Each panel has 104 x lights (tree top requires 2 x sets of 104 lights)   *PLEASE NOTE ADDITIONAL WEIGHT BEARING DEVICES MAY BE REQUIRED TO SATISFY LOCAL REQUIREMENTS. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY. *We can recommend the services of Taylor Thompson Whitting (one of Australia's leading Structural Engineering consulting firms) should you require any professional  engineering advice regarding installation of this tree.    PLEASE CONTACT US REGARDING SPECIFICATIONS FOR THIS TREE.  

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