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Pitch Pine New Growth Blue 2.13m

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Pitch Pine New Growth Blue 2.13m

A very realistic, plush tree that looks and feels like a natural Pine tree, only this one will not shed its needles. A mixture of 3" hard needles and 3" soft inner needles similar to our Appalachian Pine with a shorter tip which has had the bottom layers changed around so that the bottom of the tree curves under to look more natural. 

Branches reach close to the floor.  

Colour: Green

Product Code     Height     Base Width     No. of Tips Branch Type Colour
30-89-PIT04 91cm (3ft) 59cm (23") 89 One Piece on Plastic Stand   Green
45-324-PIT04 1.37m (4.5ft)   91cm (35") 324 Hook On Green
60-604PIT04 1.83m (6ft)    122cm (48") 604 Hook On Green
70-804-PIT04 2.13m (7ft) 147cm (58") 804 Hook On Green
70-804-PIT09 2.13m (7ft) 147cm (58") 804 Hook On Blue

Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty

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