Scandia Spruce Christmas Tree 1.83m (6ft) Pre Lit with 320 Warm White LEDs

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Scandia Spruce Christmas Tree 1.83m Hinged Dark Green

The Scandia Spruce can be found in both commercial and residential settings all over the world. It is currently our most popular export tree. Offering a wide range of sizes, the tree is suitable for the home, office, store, club, hotel and shopping centre.

The Pre Lit Scandia is a very plush, soft needle spruce with 6.5cm wide round tips. We have hinged the branches in sections to the central pole which allows for a quick and easy assembly – just connect the pole sections to the stand, drop the branches (which are hinged to the centre pole) add the tree top and then shape the tips-foliage.


  • Height: 183cm (6ft)
  • Base width: 124cm
  • Colour: Dark Green
  • Layers:6
  • Branches: 40
  • Tips: 815
  • Style: Branches close to the floor
  • Branch Type: Hook On
  • Foliage: 6½cm soft needles-foliage
  • Stand: Steel Stand
  • Lights320 x Warm White (Static) LED’s. Light connection diagram (LED’s have a 1 year warranty)
  • Warranty: 10 Year warranty card for tree and tree parts (LED`s are excluded)
  • Storage: Strong cardboard cartons to store your tree for the next season


Warranty Information

LED’s are guaranteed for 12 months The TREE is guaranteed for 10 YEARS

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