American Cashmere Tree 1.83m

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American Cashmere Christmas Tree 1.83m

American by design, world class by nature. This Triumph Christmas tree has feature tips with the fine, fluffy texture of Cashmere and a plush full look. 

A unique designed Artificial Christmas tree with soft fluffy (Cashmere) feature tips on each branch. We then add a mix of hard and soft pine needles together with a smaller new growth green arrow tip to each branch to create a plush, full, spectacular tree.


Height: 1.83m (6ft)

Base width:125 cm

Colour: Green/Light Green

Layers: 7

Branches: 48

Tips: 908

Style: Branches close to the floor

Branch Type: Hook on

Foliage: 11½cm soft cashmere needles, 8cm hard pine needles and 5cm soft arrow tips

Stand: Steel Stand

Warranty: 10 Year warranty card included

Carton: Strong cardboard carton to store your tree for the next season

Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty

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