Scandia Spruce 4.2m Dark Green

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Product Description

Scandia Spruce 14ft Dark Green

This is one of our most popular export trees, we ship this Spruce all over the world.   Offering a wide range of sizes (listed below), this tree is suitable for the home, office, store, club, hotel and shopping centres.  
A very plush, soft needle spruce with 2½" wide round tips, it's easy to decorate and easy to light. We have introduced an additional size of 12ft (3.66m) to this range as well as a 7ft hinged model.  
Branches reach close to the floor.  

Colour: Dark Green              

NO. OF TIPS     


40-278-5808 1.22m (4ft) 89cm (35") 278 White     Hook On
60-815-5804 1.83m (6ft) 124cm (49") 815 Dark Green Hook On
70-1379-5804 2.135m (7ft) 150cm (59") 1379 Dark Green Hook On
WHI-70-1379-5808 2.135m (7ft) 150cm (59") 1379 White Hook On
MHISCA-070-04 2.135m (7ft) 150cm (59") 1379 Dark Green      Hinged
MHISCA-070-04LEDSD-RMW432AU       2.135m (7ft) 150cm (59") 1379 Dark Green Hinged w- 432 LEDs & Dimmer control
MHISCA-070-04LED560AU 2.135m (7ft) 150cm(59") 1379 Dark Green Hinged w- 560 LEDs &8 Function control     
80-1889-5804 2.44m (8ft) 163cm(64") 1889 Dark Green Hook On
100-2921-5804 3.05m (10ft) 175cm (69") 2921 Dark Green Hook On
120-4258-5804DLX 3.66m (12ft) 211cm (72") 4258 Dark Green Hook On
140-6108-5804DLX-XS 4.26m (14ft)  249cm (98")  6108 Dark Green Hook On  (X Stand)
165-6256-5804-XS 5.03m (16.5ft)       274cm (108")  6256  Dark Green  Hook On  (X Stand)
200-9851-5804-XS 6.00m (20ft)  279cm (110")   9851  Dark Green  Hook On  (X Stand)

Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty

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